Texas Debtor Rights changes during COVID-19.

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Three days ago, the Supreme Court of Texas issued Emergency Order 14, extending the dates for Emergency Order 10.

Emergency Order 10 extended deadlines that may be beneficial and offer relief to some Texas defendants who are being sued for consumer debt.

Emergency Order 10 was issued on April 9th, Emergency Order 14 does not change the content, instead extends the deadlines previously specified:

-No writs of garnishment can be executed until May 25th. Please note they can still be filed.

-Receivers cannot freeze any accounts until May 18th.

-For all currently garnished accounts, the parties are “encouraged” to reach an agreement on the garnishment.

-Courts will not have hearings for default judgments until May 18th.

-Courts will not Dismiss without Prejudice any case until May 18th.

-The above changes do not apply if the court determines the actions of the judgment defendant (debtor) pose an imminent threat of fraudulently concealing and absconding with funds.

If a creditor is trying to take legal action against you in court, or if you have any questions about your rights as a judgment defendant (debtor), contact experienced consumer rights attorney David Hsu anytime by phone/text at 832-896-6288 or email at attorney.dave@yahoo.com.

Disclaimer:  this website and blog posts are for general information and educational purposes only. This blog post and website provides basic information and does not provide specific legal advice to your situation. By using our website, or by communicating with our office by comment, phone, text, or e-mail, you confirm that there exists no attorney-client relationship between you and David Hsu Brogden and Associates. Each legal issue is complex and you must seek a licensed attorney in your specific jurisdiction to discuss your specific situation.

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